The Tennis Tutor machine is made by Sports Tutor which also makes the popular Tennis Twist ball machine. Their ball machines are used around the world.

Sports Tutor is the number one selling tennis ball machine in the world. They offer machines for beginners to advanced players as well as a variety of portable tennis ball machines. Their Tennis Tutor tennis ball machine is used at the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) Training Center in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.

Sport Tutor manufactures the following Sports Tutor tennis ball machine brands: The Tennis Twist ball machine, the Tennis Tutor ProLite ball machine, the Tennis Tutor ball machine, the Wilson Portable ball machine, the Tennis Tower ball machine, and the Shotmaker tennis ball machine. All of the models offer a one year warranty covering parts and labor and each have features targeted to various player ability levels.

The Tennis Twist Ball Machine

The Tennis Twist Ball Machine


Tennis Twist Tennis Tutor Machine

This ball machine is ideal for beginner’s and kids that need to develop the basic forehand and backhand strokes. It is compact and simple to use and transport, weighing only 11 lbs (5 kg). Balls are fired every 5 seconds and the arc of the tennis ball can range from 12 to 20 feet (3.66 – 6.10m). The Tennis Twist Ball Machine holds up to 28 balls and is available in electric and battery powered models. The battery model takes six ‘D’ size batteries and will last up to 10 hours.





 Tennis Tutor ProLite

The Tennis Tutor Prolite Ball Machine

The Tennis Tutor Prolite Ball Machine

The Tutor Prolite is one of the smallest and lightest full featured professional ball machines on the market. It’s only 12 inches (.31m) tall and weighs less than 30 lbs (13.61 kg). The ball hopper holds 125 tennis balls and delivery ranges from one ball every 1.5 seconds to one ball every 10 seconds at speeds of 10-60 mph (16.1 – 96.56 kph). If you’re practicing by yourself, Tennis Tutor ProLite Ball Machineoffers a start-up time delay, so you can get to the other side before the ball machine starts firing away. This Tennis Tutor machine also features an optional full-court oscillation add-on that I would definitely recommend for only $100 more. There is both a battery operated version, and an electric version of this ball machine. The battery operated tennis ball machine will typically last 2-3 hours using a rechargeable battery, which can be recharged 500-1,000 times before replacement.


Tennis Tutor Ball Machine

Tennis Tutor Ball Machine


Tennis Tutor Tennis Ball Machine

The standard version of this popular machine has been the #1 selling portable ball machine in the world for over 20 years. The Tennis Tutor Ball Machineoffers a range of features for a reasonable price. You can adjust ball speed (10-85 mph, 16.10-136.80 kph), the ball feed rate (1.5 to 12 seconds), and whether you want oscillation or to simply practice the same shot repeatedly. The Tennis Tutor is only 12 inches (.31m) tall when the ball hopper is folded down, and weighs just 42 lbs (19.05kg). The Plus version is 20 inches (.51m) and weighs 46 lbs (20.87kg). It holds 150 balls and comes with an anti-jam ball feeding mechanism. The Tennis Tutor is battery powered with a charge that lasts up to 6 hours and features a built in battery charge indicator that beeps when there is only a half hour of battery charge left.

The Tennis Tutor Plus offers all of the features of the standard Tennis Tutor plus some additional ones that make paying the extra for the Plus version well worth it. If you’re a beginner or intermediate this Sports Tutor tennis ball machine offers the opportunity to grow into some of the more advanced features, and for the advanced to expert level player, it is a must-have. The Tennis Tutor Plus has a dial where you can control the degree of top spin and under spin. There’s also an elevation setting on the control panel; you have 10 settings to play with here. Another cool feature of the Tennis Tutor Plus model is the Player Mode feature. You can set the machine to mimic the shots of a

The Tennis Tutor easily fits in the trunk of the car.

The Tennis Tutor easily fits in the trunk of the car.

beginner, intermediate, or advanced player, with shot angles, spin, and ball speed varying accordingly. For example, beginning players will see more shots in the middle of the court with a lot of depth variation, whereas more advanced players will see hard baseline shots from side to side.

Both versions of the Tennis Tutor tennis ball machine offer an optional remote control and optional electric power.


Wilson Portable

Wilson licenses the manufacturing of its tennis ball machine to Sports Tutor. We have a separate page about the Wilson ball machine.


The Tennis Tower ball machine


The Tennis Tower ball machine

Tennis Tower Brand Tennis Tutor Machine

The Tennis Tower is a larger model and geared towards groups, clubs, or home court owners. It weighs 60 lbs (27.22kg) and is 44 inches tall, 23 inches in length, and 22 inches in width (1.12m x 0.61m x 0.56m). It offers speed ranges from 10 mph to 85 mph (16.10-136.80 kph), adjustable spin (under spin, flat, top spin), ball feed interval control, a random oscillator, and a 225 ball capacity.

There are four Tennis Tower Tennis Ball Machinemodels available.  The Competitor Classic includes all of the standard features except spin control.  The Competitor includes spin control.  The Club adds a two function wireless remote control that controls start and stop of the ball feed, and the side to side position of shots.  The Professional Player model has all of the features as the other models plus the Player Mode enhancement which simulates the shots that a real opponent would hit.

All of the Tennis Tower models also come with the Player Mode feature, as described above in the Tennis Tutor category. Every model also comes with a protective all weather cover.

This model is a great investment for clubs, schools, camps, and other high usage situations. I’d highly recommend it.



The Shotmaker

The Shotmaker

The Shotmaker is the top of the line Sports Tutor tennis ball machine. It features adjustable spin, 1-10 second interval control, adjustable trajectories, random oscillation and a 300 ball capacity. Like the Tennis Tower, this Shotmaker tennis ball machine is designed for high usage situations at clubs, schools, and camps. The ball machine is electric and engine is commercial grade, designed for strength and durability. There is one control panel on the back that controls all functions.

The Shotmaker comes in 2 versions, the Standard and Deluxe. The Standard lets you control the type of shot you want using dials for speed, spin, interval, and elevation, as well as oscillation settings that let you control where on the court the balls shoot.

The Deluxe Shotmaker brand Tennis Tutor machine offers Player Mode and programmable options that lets you set up a pattern of 6 shots directed at 7 different specific court positions including a random option that will keep you guessing. The Deluxe also has a memory setting that lets you store shot sequences so that you can repeat your favorite workouts or drills. You can store up to 9 shot programs and include all of the settings from speed, to spin, to shot pattern. A wireless two function remote is included with the Deluxe.

Overall, Sports Tutor offers enough variety in tennis ball machines, including basic to advanced features, and durability and design, that you can easily find one to suit your needs.


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