Master Sports made the Prince Tennis Ball Machine until 2006 when it changed the name to SAM. Expect the same high quality ball machine offered by Prince.

The Prince ball machine was manufactured for over ten years by Master Sports under a license agreement. Master Sports is a premium quality sporting goods equipment manufacturer and distributor. In January 2006 Master Sports changed the Prince tennis ball machine name to SAM, which stands for “Sports Action Machines.”

What is the difference between the Prince ball machine and the SAM ball machine?

None. The machines are exactly the same in terms of features, only the brand name is different. The SAM ball machine is manufactured on the exact same production line as the Prince ball machine and is subject to the same rigorous standards as the Prince ball machine. Here is a chart showing the Prince Brand models and their corresponding new SAM Brand models. Again, only the name has changed, all features remain the same.

Prince Ball Machine Models SAM Ball Machine Models
Little Prince Model 1 iSAM
Little Prince Model 2 iSAM Plus
Prince Portable Model 1 SAM SP-1
Prince Portable Model 2 SAM SP-2
Prince Portable Model 3 SAM SP-3
Prince Portable Model 4 SAM SP-4
Prince Surefire SAM Sport
Prince Hotshot SAM Coach


You can no longer buy new Prince ball machines, however you can find more information on Master Sports and the SAM ball machine, in the SAM section of our site.

Prince started in 1970 as the manufacturer of the first ball machine for home court use called the “Little Prince” ball machine. Since that time, Prince has become an industry leader in innovation and manufacturing of performance racquet products. Prince has revolutionized the game in recent years with the introduction of racquet technologies such as the “Oversize” and “Longbody” racquet models.

The Prince Ball Machine

The Prince Ball Machine...

SAM ball machine

...has been replaced by the SAM ball machine.


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