The Lobster ball machine is among the most versatile and feature rich of all tennis ball machines on the market. Learn what Lobster can do for you. tennis-ball-court

The Lobster Sports legacy for quality manufacturing began in 1970 when Harry Giuditta, a retired banker, bought a bankrupt tennis ball machine manufacturer. The machines that the company had put out were of such poor quality that Harry decided to recall every tennis ball machine ever built, redesign and repair each one, and then send them back to the customer, free of charge. That amazing desire to deliver the highest quality product still stands today as Lobster is one of the highest rated tennis ball machine manufacturers in the market. Lobster Sports stands out from the competition in several ways.

  • They’ve been in business for about twice as long as most of the competitors in the industry.
  • Several of their tennis ball machines feature triple oscillation, a patent pending industry first.
  • They have a 10 point quality test on all ball machines shipped.
  • They offer the only 2 year warranty in the industry.
  • Lobster machines are amongst the easiest to transport, with 8 inch wheels, a reversible hopper, and folding ergonomic handle.

Lobster Sports offers six different tennis ball machine models, based on your needs and level of play. All of the ball machines can be split into two categories, Battery operated and Electric machines.


Battery Operated Lobster Ball Machine

The Elite Freedom, 1, 2, and 3 all offer this sleek design.
The Elite Freedom, 1, 2, and 3 all offer this sleek design.

In the battery operated tennis ball machine category there are the following machines from Lobster Sports:

Lobster Elite 1 Battery Tennis Ball Machine

Lobster Elite 2 Battery Tennis Ball Machine

Lobster Elite 3 Battery Tennis Ball Machine

Lobster Elite Grand Slam IV Battery Tennis Ball Machine

Lobster Elite Freedom Battery Tennis Ball Machine

Lobster Elite Grandslam V

The Elite Freedom is the basic model, and the price and sophistication of features increases up to the Elite Grandslam V model. The oscillation options are the primary cost differentiating factor. The more variety in ball placement, speed and timing, the more expensive the machine is. With such variety, you can easily find a tennis ball machine that suits your needs. Each Lobster ball machine Elite model offers the following features.  

A full range of speed settings – The Lobster Elite can fire tennis balls at up to 80 mph (128.75 kph), which is 10-15% faster than many competitors, and the speed can be reduced to as low as 10 mph (16.10 kph). Many other machines on the market top out at 65 mph (104.61 kph), and reduce speed to a minimum of 30 mph (48.28 kph). Many younger and beginning level players find a 30 mph ball very difficult to hit.

Side to side oscillation – All of the Lobster tennis ball machine Elite models offer full court, corner to corner oscillation, with the Elite 2 adding triple oscillation, shooting balls all over the court, long and short. The Elite 3 adds an additional setting that varies depth and lets you practice forehands, backhands, lobs, and volleys. You can set it to fire balls that strike up to six different spots on the court. Many competitors’ ball machines only offer three or four spots. The Lobster Elite 3 also features a mechanism that makes sure balls actually hit the corners of the court, simulating true match play.

Powerful spins – The Elites can deliver balls with shoulder-height top spin and slices and backspins, to keep you on your toes. Learning how to hit these challenging types of shots can truly elevate your game.

50 and 60 degree lobs – Many other ball machines only offer a 30 degree or less setting. The Elites at up to 60 degree will really challenge you and help you to master the overhead slam.

Unique ball capacity viewer – You can see from your side of the net, when the hopper is empty. So, you’ll have no more waiting in the middle of a work-out, hoping for another ball, wondering if maybe the machine is jammed. Now you know when to reload. Only the Lobster ball machine Elite models presently offer this cool feature.

Easy travel – The Elite models all transport very easily over all surfaces without tipping over. They feature 8 inch wheels, an ergonomically designed 3 foot handle, and weigh from 42-44 pounds (19.05 – 19.96 kg). They easily fit in the trunk of most cars.

Super powerful battery – You get 4.5 to 8 hours with the Elite models before you need to recharge. I know I’d wear out before this battery – that’s a lot of court time.

Wireless Remote – Elite offers this at purchase and through an upgrade option. The remote allows you to control both the feed and the sweep (speed, and placement).


Electric Lobster Ball Machine

The Lobster Ball Machine Ball Bucket Model - dependable and durable
The Lobster Ball Machine Ball Bucket Model – dependable and durable

Elite offers the following models in the electric tennis ball machine category.

Lobster Ball Bucket 201

Lobster Hybrid Pneumatic Tennis Ball Machine Model 301 (110 Volt)

Lobster Tournament Pneumatic Tennis Ball Machine Model 401

These ball machines are considered durable, workhorse type models best suited for clubs, schools, and camps, or other high usage situations. Or, if want a slightly cheaper model without some of the more advanced features found in the battery operated models, then this category is for you.

Do it yourself – A nice feature of the electric ball machines is that you can easily repair and replace parts on your own that may become worn out due to extended use.

Smooth delivery – All of the Elite models use pneumatics to repeatedly deliver shots, which results in no loss in consistency of ball delivery.

Low sound levels – the Lobster tennis ball machine electric models all generate sound that is comparable to a vacuum cleaner, and can serve as a great audio cue for when the next shot is coming.    

Easy travel – The Ball Bucket tennis ball machine is only 28 pounds (12.70 kg), and the Hybrid and Tournament models are 31 and 32 pounds (14.06, 14.52 kg), which is very light. The 6 inch (.15m) wheels make for an easy roll as well.

The Lobster ball machine Hybrid and Tournament models are great for high volume use.
The Lobster ball machine Hybrid and Tournament models are great for high volume use.

A full range of speed settings – The Ball Bucket tops out at 60 mph (96.56 kph) and the Tournament and Hybrid clock in at up to 70 mph (112.65 kph). All 3 models can fire balls as slow as 15 mph (24.14 kph).

Side to side oscillation – The Ball Bucket and Lobster Hybrid feature random horizontal oscillation from side to side, which focuses on forehand and backhand returns. The Tournament Model offers random vertical and horizontal oscillation to keep you guessing and simulate real time play.

80 degree lobs – The lobs on these machines really sky; nearly twice as high as most other machines on the market. Learning to hit an 80 degree lob will really boost your net game.

Optional Features – You can easily add a spin adaptor to create topspin and under spin, as well as an on/off remote. Overall, we are excited about the Lobster ball machine designed byLobster Sports. If you are going to make an investment in your tennis game, then you really can’t go wrong with the Lobster line of ball machines in terms of features, quality, dependability and overall value.


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