The Jugs Tennis Machine is an ideal workhorse machine for the avid tennis player to take their game to the next level. Jugs machines operate on battery and AC.

The Jugs Tennis Machine

The Jugs Tennis Machine

The first Jugs Sports Inc. product was a curveball pitching machine developed by founder John Paulson in 1971. Jugs Sports has since moved into many other sports, producing high quality ball machines for use in softball, football, soccer, field hockey, lacrosse, and of course tennis. There’s even a ball machine for cricket. Each machine has been developed around the philosophy of first understanding how athletes practice their respective sports, then using science and technology to develop machinery that will help them improve their games and to reach their highest possible level. All of this thinking applies to the design of the Jugs tennis machine.

The Jugs tennis machine is ideal for a variety of skill levels, from beginner to professional. Jugs Sports offers 2 types of machines, the Jugs Tennis Machineand the Jugs Spin Tennis Machine. The list of features for both machines includes the following.

  • Spin Control – you can set the tennis machine to fire balls with top spin, under spin, or no spin.
  • Feed Control – set balls to fire as often as 1.5 seconds to as slow as every 12 seconds.
  • Speed Control – you can set the speed control on the Jugs tennis machine, but nowhere in the product literature can we find the exact speed settings.
  • Oscillation and Elevation controls – you can set the ball machine to fire deep ground strokes, high lobs, cross-court volleys and down the line shots. Precision ball placement is enhanced through the use of a specially designed dual wheel system inside the ball firing mechanism.
  • Multiple power options – The Jugs tennis machine is one of the only tennis ball machines on the market to offer standard both electricity and a built-in rechargeable battery as part of its power options. This means you can use the Jugs tennis machine on courts with an electrical outlet and without. Machines come in 110 volt and 220 volt.
  • Long lasting battery – the built-in rechargeable battery lasts up to 5 hours on an overnight charge.
  • Easily portable – the Jugs tennis machine is only 19” (.46m) tall when the ball hopper is folded down and it has built-in heavy duty transport wheels and a tote handle. The ball machine weighs 46 lbs (20.87 kg).
  • Easy to use control panel – the panel features dials to control the spin, speed, and interval settings for the ball machine.

The ball hopper holds 150 balls, has a non-jamming mechanism, and is very quiet when operating. There is also an optional remote control available with all of the Jugs tennis machines. All machines come with a 2 year warranty on parts and service, and the battery has a 6 month warranty.

Overall, the Jugs tennis machine offers the function and basic features of many other ball machines on the market. However, the high quality standards and success that Jugs has had in other sports, especially with their baseball pitching machine, make this tennis ball machine stand out.


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