The Jugs ball machine is designed to improve your tennis game through advanced technology used in the ball machines that Jugs produces for 7 other sports.

Jugs Sports Inc. got its start producing pitching machines for baseball and later moved into tennis ball machines as well as machines for other sports. Jugs focuses on helping athletes improve their performance through technologically advanced machinery that helps them practice in a way best suited for their particular sport. You can read more about Jugs Sports on our Jugs ball machine page. Jugs Sports produces the Spin Tennis machine.

In this review, we look at the features offered by the Jugs ball machine Spin model and how it compares to other similar tennis ball machines. We then analyze the Jugs tennis machine based on overall customer satisfaction, ratings, reviews, and positive and negative consumer comments. We also offer our own rating and recommendation on whether to purchase the Jugs ball machine.

Jugs - Tennis Tutor comparison

The Jugs ball machine on the right and the Tennis Tutor Plus on the left look almost identical.

When first looking at the Jugs ball machine, we saw how very similar it was to the Tennis Tutor ball machine. There is very little information about the Jugs tennis machine on their website, whereas they have a lot of detailed information on other ball machines for other sports. We are not certain and could find it nowhere is the product literature, but it appears that Tennis Tutor may manufacturer the Jugs ball machine and license the product out for sale under the Jugs name. Evidence for this was further found in a review posted by a gentleman who had purchased the Jugs ball machine and the remote that came with his machine had the Tennis Tutor name on it.

So, should you go with the Jugs tennis machine or the Tennis Tutor ball machine?

Looking at price first, the Jugs ball machine runs around $1,464 for the base model with no remote whereas the Tennis Tutor basic model is around $1,000. Both ball machines offer the same vertical and horizontal oscillation, however the Jugs tennis machine offers spin control whereas the Tennis Tutor basic model does not. To get spin control with the Tennis Tutor you need to move up to the Tennis Tutor ball machine Plus model, which we have reviewed. This machine costs $1,250, which is still about $200 cheaper than the Jugs tennis machine.

The only other difference between the machines is that the Jugs tennis machine comes with two power options built in, AC and battery power. The Tennis Tutor Plus offers battery power as its standard; however, you can pay an extra $50 and get a machine built with both power options. Also, the Jugs ball machine offers a 2 year warranty and the Tennis Tutor Plus only has a 1 year warranty. For other machines upgrading from a one year to a two year warranty typically costs about $70 more. All of the other features are identical on both machines.

So the bottom line looks like the Jugs ball machine is about $130 more than the Tennis Tutor ball machine factoring in the extra year warranty. Adding in the power upgrade on the Tennis Tutor the difference is about $80. This is not a significant difference in price, basically it comes down to where you can find the best deal and who’s having a sale or offering coupons. As you can see from our Tennis Tutor ball machine review, this is a great machine, and since the Jugs ball machine is basically the same, you really can’t go wrong with either one.

Here are the features you’ll find in the Jugs tennis machine.


Jugs Ball Machine Features Overview

Power Type – The Jugs ball machine is both battery powered, with a standard battery life of 4-6 hours, and electric AC 220 Volt powered, so that you can use it anywhere, whether the court has an electric outlet or not. Battery recharge time is typically 12 hours.

Oscillation – This is a key feature when analyzing tennis ball machines and one of the major factors affecting the cost. The Jugs tennis machine offers random, horizontal and vertical oscillation, which means the machine fires balls randomly back and forth, long to the baseline and short near the net.

Spin control – the Jugs ball machine has a dial on the control panel that lets you control the degree of top spin and backspin.

Weight – The Jugs ball machine weighs 46lbs (20.87kg). The ball machines we’ve reviewed on this site range in weight from 11 lbs (5kg) for a very, very basic ball machine to 90lbs (40.82kg) for a heavy duty commercial type model. 46lbs is not terribly difficult to pick up and put in your car however you may want to ask for help. As for moving around on the ground, the Jugs tennis machine has an extendable towing handle and heavy duty transport wheels that help you pull it just like luggage.

Dimensions – The Jugs tennis machine measures a very compact (Length x Width x Height) 19.5 x 20 x 20 inches (.50m x .51 x .51).

Speed Range – The Jugs tennis machine fire tennis balls between 10-85 mph (16.10-136.79 kph). The ball machines we have reviewed range in speed from 10 mph to 95 mph (152.89 kph), so the Jugs ball machine falls within the optimal range for speed. Children and beginners can easily practice with balls at a speed of 10 mph, and advanced players will certainly feel challenged by balls coming at 85 mph.

Ball Capacity – The Jugs ball machine holds 150 tennis balls. Economy tennis ball machines will hold 50 balls, whereas ball machines in high usage situations, such as clubs or tennis camps can hold up to 300 balls. We feel that a 150 ball capacity is sufficient.

Feed Rate – this is how fast the balls are fired out of the machine. The Jugs tennis machine fires at a rate ranging from 1.5-12 balls per second. This is the fastest firing time we’ve seen in a tennis ball machine and the slowest, which makes the Jugs ball machine (along with the Tennis Tutor, which has the same specs) the most versatile of all ball machines in terms of feed rate. Such range lets you work on rapid fire volleys coming at you every 1.5 seconds, and lets beginners, who may need the slower feed rate of 12 seconds, prepare and set up for the next shot.

Warranty – the Jugs ball machine comes with a two year warranty on parts and service. Most tennis ball machine brands offer a 2 year warranty. We have found only one deluxe model that offers a 3 year warranty, and that model is over $3,500.


Customer Ratings and Comments

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Average Score (5.0 out of 5)

Pros: Cons: Best Uses:
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Summary of Positive Comments: The reviews generally talk about the game improving aspect of the Jugs ball machine and how they like the multiple features on the machine. All highly recommend the Jugs tennis machine.

Summary of Negative Comments: A couple reviewers thought that the Jugs ball machine was expensive.


The Verdict

Don’t recommend — Recommend with reservations — Recommend — Strongly Recommend

We recommend the Jugs tennis machine simply because it’s a great machine that offers all of the same features as the Tennis Tutor Plus, which we strongly recommended in a previous review. As we mentioned above, the Tennis Tutor Plus is slightly less expensive than the Jugs ball machine, taking into account all of the features offered by both machines. Also, while researching both Jugs and Tennis Tutor, we found that more stores carry the Tennis Tutor brand over the Jugs brand. As a result, you may be more likely to find more deals associated with the Tennis Tutor Plus. You really can’t go wrong with either brand though, as the design of both machines is very high quality and offer numerous game improving features for an affordable price.


Best Places to Buy the Jugs Tennis Machine– $1,464.00
Amazon sells everything, including tennis ball machines. You can find some really great deals here on other tennis accessories as well. If you’ve ever bought anything on Amazon you also see suggestions based on your previous purchases, as well as numerous consumer product reviews. Amazon is a great resource for shopping for just about anything.


Rate the Jugs Ball Machine Yourself

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